Arthemisia is Italy’s leading company in the production, organisation and staging of art exhibitions. Arthemisia has introduced and consolidated a new way of creating exhibitions, and is now a national and international point of reference for the organisation and production of high quality art events. Since 2000 we have produced more than 700 exhibitions, many of which have launched innovative trends in exhibition organization.

Arthemisia directly handles every aspect of production.

Ideas and projects are handled by our Project department: working in collaboration with leading academics we conceive future exhibitions and assess their feasibility.
Working alongside our Project Department, the International department ensures that our exhibition projects are proposed throughout the world.

Our Exhibition office, which boasts a team of affirmed professionals, handles all the work involved in managing and staging exhibitions: installation, insurance, transport, security, ticketing, bookshop, audio guides, etc.

Loan requests and relationships with lending bodies are managed by our Registrar’s office: every day we are in contact with the major museums and institutions in Italy and worldwide. Our reputation is well established and we also act as consultants.

The Communications office is responsible for promoting our events as widely and strategically as possible: an event produced by Arthemisia never goes unnoticed.

Our Press office – one of the most established and experienced in the art field – guarantees that our events receive extensive media coverage.

Our Education department guarantees that the key themes of each exhibition are communicated in the most effective way: each single visitor is important to us, and we adapt the language we use in our exhibitions to all age groups, taking particular care with material designed for children.

Our catalogues and publications are handled by our Publication department, which works with curators and authors to plan exhibition catalogues, and collaborates with publishers from the start of the project to the printing of the catalogue.

Our Graphics office boasts professionals of long-standing experience who translate our exhibitions into effective, stylish images, with outstanding results.


Arthemisia coproduces events with public or private bodies, taking on a percentage of risk that varies according to the project, exhibition venue and specific situation


Arthemisia handles the entire production of the exhibition, taking on the full business risk


Arthemisia organises and delivers services to event organisers, either full-service, overing all aspects of the exhibition, or on an ad-hoc basis, providing the services requested

Whatever the project, Arthemisia guarantees top-level experience, the utmost reliability and sharp business acumen, as well as the maximum onsite involvement during the actual event.
We are the ideal partners: on hand, attentive, highly specialised and capable of adapting our professional expertise to respond to our partners’ needs.