New York negli anni ‘80

29 September 2018 – 24 February 2019
extended to 30 June 2019

Bologna is shining a spotlight on the New York of the nineteen-eighties with the exhibition Warhol&Friends. New York negli anni ‘80.
From 29 September 2018 to 24 February 2019 at Palazzo Albergati in Bologna, approximately 150 works are on display, to tell the story of Warhol and his life and work. But there’s more to it than that.

Bringing stories of excess, transgression and worldliness, the central characters in the lively artistic atmosphere of an ever-new New York – Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel and Jeff Koons, will be at Bologna‘s Palazzo Albergati beginning on 29 September with roughly 150 works in the exhibition Warhol&Friends. New York negli anni ’80.

The nineteen-eighties opened with the election of former actor Ronald Reagan as President of the United States; the economy was transforming financially and unimaginable wealth was being accumulated; John Lennon was killed near his home on 8 December 1980; the New York Stock Exchange collapsed, and so did the Berlin Wall; there were the events Tiananmen Square, the invention of the www and the explosion of AIDS in the USA.
In a short span of time, art would lose – among others – Keith Haring and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe; Basquiat would die from a drug overdose.
When the economy shifted, painting was the first sign of it. In 1980 The Times Square Show was the first exhibition of the generation of graffiti artists – anarchic in spirit and very, very provocative. It was more than just Haring and Basquiat; with them were dozens of street artists and worthy painters such as Kenny Scharf, Donald Baechler and James Brown. Beyond painting, Jeff Koons was the perfect link between art and the economy. Following his experience as a broker on Wall Street, he reflected on the status symbols of America’s nascent ruling class, mercilessly analysing kitsch and banality.
The stars from the cinema, photography and music scenes include Ticinese photographer Edo Bertoglio, creator of the documentary Downtown 81 performed by Basquiat; French artist Maripol, who realized the artwork for Madonna’s album Like a Virgin; and Nan Goldin with her tales of everyday life. Neo-expressionist painting found space in the great galleries of SoHo and formed relations with the Italian Transavantgarde with Francesco Clemente and Sandro Chia. Julian Schnabel, David Salle and Robert Longo were the triad of superstars of American painting; in the nineteen-nineties they would also try their hand at cinema.

Too often viewed as the decade of disenchantment and superficiality, the nineteen-eighties tackled politics in a unique way, with an explosion of colours and figures where art is more than just a visual experience.
Telling the story of the unrepeatable excitement of a decade that watched art, music, cinema and literature blend as galleries and the international market proclaimed the resounding success of the return to painting, Bologna welcomes Warhol, Haring with Untitled (1983), Schnabel with Dunciad (Trances of Bouboul) (1983), Koons with Art Magazine Ads (1989), Basquiat with Untitled (1983) and Bertoglio with Grace Jones and Madonna (1983), to name just a few.

Represented by 36 artworks and 38 Polaroids is Andy Warhol, who had been the victim of an attempted murder in 1968 and who returned in the early nineteen-eighties to the centre of artistic and social life in New York, realizing some of his most interesting series present in the exhibition, such as Shoes, Hammer & Sickle, Camouflage, Lenin, Joseph Beuys, Vesuvius and Knives.

Somewhere between advertising, trade and consumer goods – from Duty Free to Levi’s Jeans – the new Andy looked even more closely at communication and the media, stepping closer to the new generation of young artists of the nineteen-eighties, who saw him as an anticipator, even a guru.
Transforming the fetishes of the American collective imagination into art and anticipating the establishment of the power of mass media, Warhol made icons of the characters of the star system and the symbols of consumerism: Liza Minelli, Marilyn Monroe and Mao alongside Campbell’s Soup, Brillo Boxes and the Dollar, all on display in Bologna.

With the support of the City of Bologna, the exhibition Warhol&Friends. New York negli anni ’80 is produced and organized by Grupppo Arthemisia and curated by Luca Beatrice.


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